Summer Brooke Simpson

Video Editor, Motion Designer, Script-Writer

Video Editor: long-form television programming, documentary, educational videos, docudrama series.

Motion Designer: Education videos, commercial spots, graphics templates, short documentary

Script Writer: Educational videos, commercial spots




• Editor/Script Writer: “Icons” by American Cowboy TV / Equine Network, series of half-hour episodes. In production 2019.

• Editor/Script Writer: "Unbounded: A Journey Through Patagonia," VentureLife Films, 2018 (feature documentary).

• Editor/Script Writer: "Rock-a-holic: A New High," Alstrin Films, in production 2018 (feature documentary).

• Contributing Editor: "Valley Uprising," Sender Films, 2014 (feature documentary).

• Editor: "Nat Geo’s Top 10 Photos," NGCl/NGTI/PBS, 2011 (hour special).

• Editor: "Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos: Tiger Shot." NGCI/NGTI, 2011 (30 min. episode).

• Editor: "Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos: Beneath Paris." NGCI/NGTI, 2010 (30 min. episode).

• Editor: "Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos: Reinventing Rio." NGCI/NGTI, 2010 (30 min. episode).

• Editor: "Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos: Killer Current." NGCI/NGTI, 2010 (30 min. episode).

• Editor: "A Childhood Promise." NGCI, 2009 (6-episode travel/photography series).

• Editor: "Humpbacks: Inside the Pod." Nat Geo Wild/PBS, 2008 (1-hour special).

• Sound Designer: Atmospheres, 3-part DVD series, National Geographic Home Entertainment, 2008.



• Editor/Producer: In the Mountains' Fold, Grit & Thistle Film Co., 2017.

* Editor/Motion Designer: National Air & Space Museum Trophy Awards 2017 video, Smithsonian Digital, 2017.

• Editor/Script Writer: Purina's A Home for Every Horse video series, AIM Studios, 2016 & 2017.

• Editor/Script Writer: WF Young Absorbine 125th Anniversary video series, AIM Studios, 2016.

• Editor/Script Writer: Satterwhite Log Homes, AIM Studios, 2016.

• Editor/Motion Designer: "Ask Smithsonian" web series, Smithsonian Digital, 2015-2016.

• Editor/Motion Designer: "Well Grounded" video series for Yoga Journal/Country Life, AIM Studios, 2016.

• Editor/Writer: "JBS Recruitment," AIM Studios, 2016.

• Editor/Writer: "Dawa Sherpa," segment for "Dispatches," Outside TV, Grit & Thistle Film Co., 2015.

• Editor: "Mountaintop Removal" segment for "Earthrise," Al Jazeera English, 2013.

• Producer/Editor: "National Geographic Image Collection,", 2010. (Ellie Award recipient.)

• Producer/Editor: "Your Shot: Jeremiah Ridgeway,", 2009. (News & Documentary  

  Emmy nomination.)

• Producer/Editor: Sudan: Country in Crisis., 2006. (Webby Honorable Mention, 2006

   and 2008.)

• Producer/Editor: Google Earth "Ocean" video series, with National Geographic Digital Studio, 2008.

• Producer/Sound Editor: National Geographic and World Music Profiles weekly audio podcasts, 2007-2008.



• Editor: "Spike TV Bar Rescue" promo, produced with Spillt, 2016.

• Editor/Motion Designer: Dozens of commercial spots for Kernel (formerly Time Warner Media), produced through Event Networks Inc., July 2013-2015.

 • Editor: "TLC/Ikea" commercial, with Impossible Pictures, 2013.



• Editor/Motion Designer, Event Networks, Inc. 2013-2015.

• Editor/Producer, National Geographic Television, 2006-2011.

• Office Manager and Production Assistant, BET News, 2005-2006.




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